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Finding the Perfect Gift

Laura Eiman, Creator and CEO of PicPadsI always struggle over what to give my mother for her birthday. I’m a graphic designer by training, so presentation and quality are important to me. But I’m also a single mother, so I know firsthand how hard it is to find time to shop for meaningful gifts and juggle responsibilities, time and resources. Late one night in July ’05 I was browsing through some great photos of my kids. For fun, I chose a couple of them at their most athletic, silhouetted them and printed them on notepad-size paper. I suddenly realized I had created something very special: a custom photo notepad that would make the perfect gift for my mother, their father, and even me - what a great way to share these memories! Soon family and friends were asking me to create pads for them using their favorite photos.

I launched PicPads five months later as an online business with easy ordering for busy people like me. My mission: to provide the public with the best quality, most unique custom photo note pads available on the market today. Girlfriends and Grandmas deserve the very best.

Today PicPads produces custom-made photo notepads for people all over the world, including Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray. We never produce machine-stamped photo products. Each set of PicPads is individually created by one of my trained graphic designers. The result? A mini work of art. Rachael Ray selected PicPads as one of her top 10 gift products in 2007.

PicPads also offers volume discounts to corporations, non-profits, schools, and resellers. PicPads are an effective marketing tool that can be used for fundraising, creating brand awareness, or promoting an event. Contact us for more information.

We look forward to producing great gifts for your sister, Uncle Fred, your college roommate, and, of course, Mom!

Laura Eiman
Creator and CEO of PicPads

The first PicPads: they’re still among my all-time favorites

The first PicPads: they’re still among my all-time favorites